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Welcome to the Permasale Shop

In our internet shop you will find all items that are new, refurbished or usable.

We are your experienced service provider when it comes to looking after your industrial plant. Whether relocation or maintenance, dismantling or recycling of your machines or systems, we are the professionals with the best equipment and many years of market experience. On schedule, experienced and with the necessary manpower, we ensure smooth project implementation - worldwide.
The preservation of your systems and assets as well as the safety and health of everyone involved are always in the foreground. We take responsibility so that you can concentrate on your core business.

Successful and reliable - for over 25 years.

The big advantage of our products is that everything can be delivered immediately. Time is money!

New devices
All new devices in stock have been carefully stored by us and are of the highest quality!

Used equipment and systems
The used devices and systems were professionally expanded by our trained staff.

The systems were still in operation and functional before the expansion!

time is money
Since speed is often important in today's world, the advantage of our systems is that they can be delivered immediately.

Your system is back up and running faster
Thanks to our speed and reliability, your system will get back into operation more quickly.

Reuse of the plants
By reusing the devices and systems, we conserve valuable materials and reintroduce them into the production cycle.

Shipping and transportation
We can send smaller parts and devices via DHL (at an additional cost). Large systems must be picked up from us (additional costs). We are happy to help you with this.